My approach to digital art is computorial. I write algorithms which create visual content by outputting mathematical data as computer graphics. These algorithms modify data through the manipulation of algebraic objects at the symbolic level of computer code. Information becomes a medium from which I generate geometric shapes and patterns constructed from mathematical functions, surfaces, matrices, and rules of cellular automata. Digital art fundamentally connects creative decisions to mathematical formalism, working computorially is a foundational approach to data based media, a strategy which allows for structural autonomy within the architecture of computer technology.

Information based art is not entirely defined by the content of the message, it is also about the transmission of the signal. I post work on social media as a means of transmission, each image in the stream is indexed alphabetically by city name, a process which conveys a sense of linear continuity as well as geographic specificity. An index of time and space. Through this site I make available image files for download. I view the sharing of data as an essential activity of information based artwork. In designating these images as free cultural works under the Creative Commons framework, I make available graphics that anyone might incorporate, reproduce manipulate or recontextualize in any way they see fit.

Because the connection between mathematical abstraction and information based art is not an obvious one, I have also begun a mathematics blog on this site. Based in visual logic, this ongoing work is about the the expression of mathematical thinking through the language diagrams. This blog is a collection of visual proofs which communicate ideas about mathematical formalism through the arrangement of primitive flat shapes. A metaphysical artform which functions as a method of mathematical deduction consistent with the use of algebraic symbols. These diagrams pictorially construct patterns and reveal logic, they are the base element from which the data of my work flows.